General rules and policies

General rules and policies

Accoding to Minhvuchemical return policy, you can return goods for an exchange or refund without refunding shipping or delivery fees in these following cases:

  • The wrong type, model or form as you order.
  • Not enough quantity as in the order.
  • Packaging was peeling or commodities were broken by shipping
  • The goods is not qualified such as: the goods is out of date; the warranty expires; the goods is damaged in the warranty scope of the supplier and manufacturer

Please make a check the goods twice and confirm the status of the goods with the delivery staff immediately upon receipt. As detecting any of the above cases, you can contact directly with the delivery staff or give us a response within 24 hours by calling the hotline +84 0934.140.801 or the nearest Minhvuchemical office.

Based on Minhvuchemical return policy, the goods can not be returned when:

  • You want to change type or model of the goods without advance notice.
  • Packaging was peeling or commodities were broken by the customer.
  • The goods is damaged due to operating improperly.
  • You do not comply with the requirements for warranty (for example do not send warranty card to the right place within the specified time).
  • You have checked and confirmed the status of goods but no response within 24 hours after the confirmation.


  • The return procedures are made within two (02) weeks from the date of receipt of sufficient information and documents from the customer.
  • The return or repair will be done in accordance with the regulations of the supplier, manufacturer, or authorized dealer of the supplier or manufacturer.


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