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Wiz 101 Adhesives

An Overview of Hot Melt,
based, Pressure Sensitive
and Dextrin Adhesives Used in Packaging

and Converting Applications





Wiz Adhesives 101
Course Outline

History of Adhesives

Types of Adhesives

  • Water-Based
  • Hot Melt
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Starch-Dextrin

Practical Knowledge

Key Questions to Ask Before Recommending Adhesives

Adhesive Definitions

What Is An Adhesive?

• An adhesive, or glue, is a 
mixture in a liquid or semi-
liquid state (as used) that
adheres or bonds items

• Adhesives may come from either natural or synthetic sources and nearly all are polymer based – most are highly specialized and formulated.


History of Adhesives

The original adhesive was developed by the caveman, who made glue out of animal hides and proteins

Water-based adhesives (also known as PVAc, White Glue or Resin Glue) were invented in Germany during World War I. It is the key ingredient in Wood Glue and Elmer’s Glue

Hot Melt Adhesives (also known as EVA’s or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) were invented around 1900, and perfected after World War II during the development of automated packaging lines.





An Overview of
Today’s Adhesives

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